Multiple current reversal in Brownian ratchets.


We address the problem of stationary transport of overdamped Brownian particles in a one-dimensional spatially periodic potential composed of N hills within one period. We show that in a system driven by both thermal equilibrium fluctuations and symmetric dichotomic fluctuations, a proper manipulation of the barrier heights and slopes of the potential leads to multiple drift velocity reversal. Under optimal conditions, the drift velocity as a function of temperature and intensity of dichotomic fluctuations possesses as many as N extrema of alternating signs. There exist N-1 values of a critical temperature which separate regimes of opposite directions of particle transport.

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@article{Kostur2001MultipleCR, title={Multiple current reversal in Brownian ratchets.}, author={Marcin Kostur and Jerzy Luczka}, journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics}, year={2001}, volume={63 2 Pt 1}, pages={021101} }