Multiple ciguatoxins in the flesh of fish.

  title={Multiple ciguatoxins in the flesh of fish.},
  author={Richard J Lewis and Michel Sellin},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
  volume={30 8},
Most cases of ciguatera (fish poisoning) result from consumption of the flesh of fishes contaminated with ciguatoxin(s); however, the relatively low toxicity of ciguateric fish flesh has hindered attempts to identify these ciguatoxin(s). Utilising high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectroscopy and mouse bioassay signs we have determined that ciguatoxin-1 (MH+ m/z = 1112), ciguatoxin-2 and ciguatoxin-3 are the major ciguatoxins present in the flesh of ciguateric fish. Ciguatoxin-1, -2… CONTINUE READING

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