Multiple calcium binding sites make calmodulin multifunctional.

  title={Multiple calcium binding sites make calmodulin multifunctional.},
  author={Najl V. Valeyev and Pat Heslop-Harrison and Ian Postlethwaite and Nicolai V Kotov and Declan G. Bates},
  journal={Molecular bioSystems},
  volume={4 1},
Protein-protein or protein-ion interactions with multisite proteins are essential to the regulation of intracellular and extracellular events. There is, however, limited understanding of how ligand-multisite protein interactions selectively regulate the activities of multiple protein targets. In this paper, we focus on the important calcium (Ca(2+)) binding protein calmodulin (CaM), which has four Ca(2+) ion binding sites and regulates the activity of over 30 other proteins. Recent progress in… CONTINUE READING

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