Multiple calcifying fibrous tumors of the pleura

  title={Multiple calcifying fibrous tumors of the pleura},
  author={Katsuhiko Mito and Kenji Kashima and Tsutomu Daa and Yoshiyuki Kondoh and Takashi Miura and Katsunobu Kawahara and Iwao Nakayama and Shigeo Yokoyama},
  journal={Virchows Archiv},
Calcifying fibrous tumor (CFT) is a rare lesion characterized histologically by hypocellular hyalinized collagenous tissue with psammomatous and/or dystrophic calcifications and patchy lymphoplasmacytic infiltrates. CFT usually occurs in the somatic soft tissue of children and young adults but is rarely found in the pleura. We describe here an unusual case of multiple small CFTs in the right mediastinal pleura of a 54-year-old man who had a history of renal cell carcinoma. Suspecting pulmonary… CONTINUE READING


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