Multiple aging mechanisms in ferroelectric deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate

  title={Multiple aging mechanisms in ferroelectric deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate},
  author={Gregory A. Fields and Samuel F. Cieszynski and Bo Zhao and Kidan Tadesse and Mohammed Sheikh and Eugene V. Colla and M. B. Weissman},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
The anomalously large dielectric aging in ferroelectric partially deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate is found to have multiple distinct mechanisms. Two components cause a decrease in dielectric response over a limited range of fields around the aging field. Substantial aging occurs on time scales of ∼1000 s after a field change, as expected for a hydrogen/deuterium diffusion mechanism. A slower component can give an almost complete loss of domain-wall dielectric response at the aging… 


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