Multiple access channels with arbitrarily correlated sources


Absrmcr-Let {(q, r$)}#L* be a source of independealt identicauy distributed (i.i.d.) disc&e random variables with joint probability mass function p(u,o) and common part w-f(u)=g(u) in the sense of Witsenbawn, Gacs, and Kkner. It is shown that such a source can be sent with arbitrarily small probability of error over a multiple access ChaMel (MAC) {Xl X~*9%P(Yl~,, X,)>> with allowed codes {q(u), x2(w)] if there exist probability mass functions 'zbls region inch&s the multiple aaxw channel region and the Slepian-Wolf data compression region as special cases.

DOI: 10.1109/TIT.1980.1056273

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