Multiple absolute negative mobilities.


In this paper, we investigate transport of an inertial particle in a spatially symmetric potential and subjected to two harmonic signals with different frequencies in both deterministic and stochastic cases. Numerical results indicate that: (i) In the deterministic case, the two harmonic signals can induce many (up to six) segments of negative slopes in the curve of mean velocity vs. external constant force, i.e., a multiple absolute negative mobilities (ANMs) effect. But the occurrence of the effect depends on their frequencies and amplitudes. (ii) For the stochastic case, the multiple ANMs relay on stable index and symmetry parameter of the Lévy noise. In the case of symmetric noise, appropriate stable index makes the multiple ANMs be the strongest. Our further investigations indicate that an indispensable condition for the multiple ANMs to occur in the system is the temporal symmetry breaking by one multiplicative periodic signal and one additive periodic signal.

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