Multiple Negations in Fuzzy Interval Logic


This paper continues our study in fuzzy interval logic based on the Checklist Paradigm(CP) semantics of Bandler and Kohout. We investigate the fuzzy interval system of negation which was defined by the Sheffer(NAND), the Nicod(NOR) and the implication connectives of m1 interval system in depth. The top-bottom(TOPBOT) pair of fuzzy negation interval shows non-involutive property; however, it shows various interesting properties as the negation is iterated to each TOP and BOT fuzzy negation connective. As the iteration reaches to infinity, the TOP-BOT pair of iterated negation shows nearly involutive property. Keywords—Checklist Paradigm, Fuzzy Interval, Fuzzy Negation, Non-Involution, Gap-Theorem.

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