Multiple Myeloma: Some Revolutionary Concepts regarding Its Control.

  • A C Urmil
  • Published 2000 in Medical journal, Armed Forces India


After becoming a patient of multiple myeloma during January 1996, I had to get admitted in the hospital, almost every month, for receiving the blood transfusion since my Hb level used to fall below 5g/dl. During August 1996, I was taken to Hannover (Germany) for my treatment under Dr. Hans A. Nieper Ex President of International Association of Oncologists), who came across many patients of this disease in USA, their illness was totally under control for more than past two decades or so. Dr. Nieper went through my past medical history / life style and suspected three main reasons behind my illness which were confirmed through various tests. These included L My too much exposure to air pollution, particularly from vehicular sources. 2. Over exposure to radiation from X rays (14 X rays during past 2 years) and 3. Persistence ofchicken pox (VericelIa) virus inmy body since its infection in childhood, and which also caused herpes zoster on left side of my face after a tooth extraction. Dr. Nieper's treatment was revolutionary, since it differed from the treatment I advice being given by the majority of oncologists during that time in the world, but it was based on his personal experience, follow-up studies and research. For example he was totally opposed to toxic chemotherapy. His treatment was based on Ayurveda, naturopathy and homeopathy with the sole purpose of enhancing the body immunity, to neutralise the pollutants in the blood from various sources e.g, air, water and food and to eliminate the persistent chickenpox virus from my body. Non-veg was totally banned to cancer patients in his hospital and so also various consumable items (preserved packed foods, tea, coffee, soft drinks etc.) containing chemicals for various purposes e.g. as colouring I flavouring agents and preservatives, etc., According to Dr. Nieper, our body treats cancer cells as foreign' cells, so the whole body immunity gets diverted to fight against them. Now it is well known that our body also treats non-vegand various chemicals as 'foreign', therefore after their consumption, the body immunity gets diverted towards them and then it is not available to fight against the cancer cells which go on increasing. However, the vegetarian food pre-

DOI: 10.1016/S0377-1237(17)30250-2

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