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Multiple Functions of Analogical Reasoning in Science and Everyday Life

  title={Multiple Functions of Analogical Reasoning in Science and Everyday Life},
  author={Maciej Koszowski},
  journal={Polish Sociological Review},
IntroductionThe importance of analogy in science and everyday life is difficult to overemphasize. Analogical reasoning serves here divergent aims and has many functions, ranging from the conception of ideas and the making of classifications, to solving concrete problem or even being a means of proof. Into the bargain, analogy also finds applications in literature, poetry and humor, which only makes its ubiquity all the more conspicuous.In this paper, I will try to sketch aims and functions… 

Taking analogy seriously: Statutory analogy in creation and interpretation of law

In the article, author analyzes analogy generally and analogy in law, as a way of reasoning. The traditional division of the application of analogy in law into analogia legis and analogia iuris is

Innovation Training-from Analogy to Deepen Comprehension and to Innovation with Modified Coaxial Electrospinning as an Example

The developed method can promote college students to deepen their comprehension of the electrospinning process, and can derive two approaches of implementing innovations, one is the difference inspiration innovation, and the other is integration innovation.

Building Students Character using Light Concepts Culture-Based Analogy Delivered for Elementary School Science Class

Various concepts of light nature are delivered to elementary school students in science class ranging from light propagation, reflection, refraction and the dispersion of light. These all unique



Teaching and Using Analogy in Law

Analogy plays a central role in legal reasoning, yet how to analogize is poorly taught and poorly practiced. We all recognize when legal analogies are being made: when a law professor suggests a

Aquinas and Analogy

In his De nominum analogia , Cajetan introduced a spurious distinction between analogy of attribution and analogy of proportionality that is not found in Aquinas's writings or anywhere else.


Analogical reasoning is a traditional mode of argument which has been applied in a variety of contexts — such as rhetorics, ethics, politics, mythology, metaphysics, theology, mathematics, logic,

Rozumowanie per analogiam w prawie precedensowym: reguła, konkurencja, poszukiwanie i uzasadnienie dla korzystania z analogii

The article addresses some of the specific issues that concern reasoning by analogy in the context of precedential law. It specifically touches on such questions as the necessity of the mediation of

Mental Leaps: Analogy in Creative Thought

Part 1 First steps: a bird's backyard analogic from Socrates to Velcro and Vietnam indirect communication ripples in the air creative connections overview. Part 2 Breaking loose: funes in chains from

Metaphors We Live by

People use metaphors every time they speak. Some of those metaphors are literary - devices for making thoughts more vivid or entertaining. But most are much more basic than that - they're "metaphors

Analogy by Similarity

The conclusion is reached that pure similarity can provide a probabilistic basis for inference, and that, under certain assumptions concerning the nature of representation, a quantitative theory can be developed for the probability that an analogy is correct as a function of the degree of similarity observed.

A system of logic, ratiocinative and inductive : being a connected view of the principles of evidence, and the methods of scientific investigation.

Book III. On Induction (continued): 14. Of the limits to the explanation of laws of nature and of hypotheses 15. Of progressive effects and of the continued action of causes 16. Of empirical laws 17.

The Problems of Jurisprudence

In this book, one of our country's most distinguished scholar-judges shares with us his vision of the law. For the past two thousand years, the philosophy of law has been dominated by two rival

Legal reasoning and political conflict

The most glamorous and even glorious moments in a legal system come when a high court recognizes an abstract principle involving, for example, human liberty or equality. Indeed, Americans, and not a