Multiple Data Integration Service


Traditional database system can not handle data sharing in heterogeneous environment. With explosion of data flood, how to provide multiple data integration service is taken into account.This paper proposes a cloud data service architecture which provides multiple data integration and sharing to the distributed client. At the same time, it provides three level data security to protect sensitive data in the Cloud Data Service Platform. Data Client can keep private data in local database, and choose data to upload to Data Service Center .Meanwhile, Data Service Center stores different data backup version. Data Client can synchronous data with Data Service Center, and choose the data version to be synchronizing.In this article, multiple data can be shared and exchanged between server and client in distributed system. Comparing to the other cloud data service system Amazon S3, Walrus and Nimbus Storage Service, the system has the priority both in algorithm and application. The method is efficiency in the cloud data service platform.

DOI: 10.1109/WAINA.2014.163

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