Multiphoton quantum interference in a multiport integrated photonic device.

  title={Multiphoton quantum interference in a multiport integrated photonic device.},
  author={Benjamin J. Metcalf and Nicholas Thomas-peter and Justin B. Spring and Dmytro Kundys and Matthew A. Broome and Peter C. Humphreys and Xian-min Jin and Marco Barbieri and W. Steven Kolthammer and James C. Gates and Brian J. Smith and Nathan K Langford and Peter G. R. Smith and Ian A. Walmsley},
  journal={Nature communications},
Increasing the complexity of quantum photonic devices is essential for many optical information processing applications to reach a regime beyond what can be classically simulated, and integrated photonics has emerged as a leading platform for achieving this. Here we demonstrate three-photon quantum operation of an integrated device containing three coupled interferometers, eight spatial modes and many classical and nonclassical interferences. This represents a critical advance over previous… 

On-chip quantum teleportation

Integrated quantum optics provides great promise for enabling photonic experiments to reach new regimes of complexity. Chip-based fabrication enables sophisticated networks involving multiple

Quantum teleportation on a photonic chip

Quantum teleportation is a fundamental concept in quantum physics that now finds important applications at the heart of quantum technology, including quantum relays, quantum repeaters and linear

Compact Multi-Photons Quantum Interference Component for Integrated Quantum Optic Device

  • P. Sahu
  • Physics
    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
  • 2020
Complex multi-photon quantum interference states are indispensable requisites for integrated quantum optic processing and quantum communication technologies. Here, two mode interference (TMI) coupler

Integrated sources of photon quantum states based on nonlinear optics

Recent advances in the realisation of integrated sources of photonic quantum states are reviewed, focusing on approaches based on nonlinear optics that are compatible with contemporary optical fibre telecommunications and quantum memory platforms as well as with chip-scale semiconductor technology.

Integrated photonic quantum technologies

This Review summarizes the advances in integrated photonic quantum technologies and its demonstrated applications, including quantum communications, simulations of quantum chemical and physical systems, sampling algorithms, and linear-optic quantum information processing.

Chip-based photon quantum state sources using nonlinear optics

The ability to generate complex optical photon states involving entanglement between multiple optical modes is not only critical to advancing our understanding of quantum mechanics but will play a

Non-classical photon correlation in a two-dimensional photonic lattice.

Clear photon correlation is observed in the two-dimensional photonic lattice and combining with controllably engineered disorder, the results open new perspectives towards large-scale implementation of quantum simulation on integrated photonic chips.

Diamond as a Platform for Integrated Quantum Photonics

Integrated quantum photonics enables the generation, manipulation, and detection of quantum states of light in miniaturized waveguide circuits. Implementation of these three operations in a single

Silica-on-silicon waveguide circuits and superconducting detectors for integrated quantum information processing

Building complex quantum systems has the potential to reveal phenomena that cannot be studied using classical simulation. Photonics has proven to be an effective test-bed for the investigation of

Hybrid Integrated Photonics for On-Chip Heralded Photon-Number States

We show the potential of a hybrid technology for realizing highly complex circuits for quantum photonic applications. We demonstrate the most advanced chip enabling four photon generation and



Integrated photonic quantum gates for polarization qubits

The first integrated photonic controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate for polarization-encoded qubits is demonstrated, demonstrating its high fidelity to the expected one and the ability of this gate to transform separable states into entangled ones and vice versa.

A quantum relay chip based on telecommunication integrated optics technology

An integrated optical circuit on lithium niobate designed to implement a teleportation-based quantum relay scheme for one- way quantum communication at a telecom wavelength merges for the first time both optical-optical and electro- optical nonlinear functions necessary for implementing the desired on-chip single-qubit teleportation.

Silica-on-Silicon Waveguide Quantum Circuits

These results show that it is possible to directly “write” sophisticated photonic quantum circuits onto a silicon chip, which will be of benefit to future quantum technologies based on photons, including information processing, communication, metrology, and lithography, as well as the fundamental science of quantum optics.

Heralding two-photon and four-photon path entanglement on a chip.

This work investigates the heralded generation of multiphoton entanglement for quantum metrology using a reconfigurable integrated waveguide device in which projective measurement of auxiliary photons heralds the generation of path-entangled states.

Laser written waveguide photonic quantum circuits.

Directional couplers are characterized--the key functional elements of photonic quantum circuits--and it is found that they perform as well as lithographically produced waveguide devices.

Phase-controlled integrated photonic quantum circuits.

A key proof-of-principle demonstration of an externallycontrolled photonic quantum circuit based upon UV-written waveguide technology and non-classical interference of photon pairs in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer constructed with X couplers in an integrated optical circuit.

Super-stable tomography of any linear optical device

Linear optical circuits of growing complexity are playing an increasing role in emerging photonic quantum technologies. Individual photonic devices are typically described by a unitary matrix

Two-photon quantum walks in an elliptical direct-write waveguide array

Integrated optics provides an ideal testbed for the emulation of quantum systems via continuous-time quantum walks. Here, we study the evolution of two-photon states in an elliptic array of

Direct characterization of any linear photonic device

The paper introduced an efficient and simple method for characterizing any multi-mode linear photonic network, by directly measuring all moduli and phases of the matrix that relates creation

Integrated photonic sensing

Loss is a critical roadblock to achieving photonic quantum-enhanced technologies. We explore a modular platform for implementing integrated photonics experiments and consider the effects of loss at