Multiphoton inner-shell ionization of the carbon atom

  title={Multiphoton inner-shell ionization of the carbon atom},
  author={Hector F. Rey and Hugo van der Hart},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We apply time-dependent R-matrix theory to study inner-shell ionization of C atoms in ultra-short high-frequency light fields with a photon energy between 170 and 245 eV. At an intensity of 10$^{17}$ W/cm$^2$, ionization is dominated by single-photon emission of a $2\ell$ electron, with two-photon emission of a 1s electron accounting for about 2-3\% of all emission processes, and two-photon emission of $2\ell$ contributing about 0.5-1\%. Three-photon emission of a 1s electron is estimated to… 
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