Multiphoton Interference as a Tool to Observe Families of Multiphoton Entangled States

  title={Multiphoton Interference as a Tool to Observe Families of Multiphoton Entangled States},
  author={Waldemar Wieczorek and Nikolai Kiesel and Christian Schmid and Wieslaw Laskowski and Marek Żukowski and Harald Weinfurter},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics},
Spontaneous parametric downconversion in combination with linear optics was successfully used to observe a variety of multiphoton entangled states. Yet, experiments performed so far lacked flexibility, as each of the various setups was useful for only a particular multiphoton entangled state. In this paper, we describe how, by using multiphoton interference, one can observe entire families of multiphoton entangled states in the very same linear optical setup. Our method thus goes beyond the… CONTINUE READING


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