Multiphasic demyelinating disorder with acute transverse myelitis in Japanese

  title={Multiphasic demyelinating disorder with acute transverse myelitis in Japanese},
  author={Toshiyuki Fukazawa and Seiji Kikuchi and M Niino and Ichiro Yabe and Takeshi Hamada and Kunio Tashiro},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
Sirs: We describe here eight Japanese patients with a multiphasic inflammatory demyelinating disorder of the spinal cord (presenting as acute transverse myelitis (ATM)), cerebrum, or brainstem, and compared the clinical characteristics of these eight patients with those of 27 opticospinal multiple sclerosis (OS-MS) and 119 “conventional” MS (C-MS) patients. The patients relapsed for more than 3 years with each attack showing fulminant spinal cord, brainstem, or cerebral symptoms. Spinal cord… CONTINUE READING


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