Multiparameter Solution Methods for Semistructured Aeroelastic Flutter Problems

  title={Multiparameter Solution Methods for Semistructured Aeroelastic Flutter Problems},
  author={Arion Pons and Stefanie Gutschmidt},
  journal={AIAA Journal},
This paper presents several new methods for the solution of aeroelastic flutter problems with a partial polynomial structure: problems consisting of a mix of polynomial and more complex nonlinear components. The focus is particularly on systems that use Theodorsen aerodynamics: for such systems, four new solution algorithms are devised. Two of these are direct but yield approximate results, and two are iterative. These algorithms are tested on an example system, and their computational… 
Multiparameter spectral analysis for aeroelastic instability problems
This paper presents a novel application of multiparameter spectral theory to the study of structural stability, with particular emphasis on aeroelastic flutter, and presents a direct solver for polynomial problems of arbitrary order and size.
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Pseudospectral continuation for aeroelastic stability analysis
  • A. Pons
  • Engineering
    Journal of Vibration and Acoustics
  • 2022
This technical note is concerned with aeroelastic flutter problems: the analysis of aeroelastic systems undergoing airspeed-dependent dynamic instability. Existing continuation methods for
On the singular two-parameter eigenvalue problem II


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