Multipactor Analysis in Coaxial Waveguides

  title={Multipactor Analysis in Coaxial Waveguides},
  author={C. Tienda and A. M. P{\'e}rez and C. P. Vicente and Angela M. Coves and Germ{\'a}n Torregrosa and J. F. S{\'a}nchez and R. Barco and Benito Gimeno and V. E. Boria},
  journal={MELECON 2006 - 2006 IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference},
This paper presents the analysis, manufacturing and testing of a coaxial sample in order to investigate the multipactor effect in this kind of waveguide structures. Several in-home and commercial software CAD tools have been used to design a quarter-wave transformer coaxial circuit centred at 1.35 GHz, as well as the distribution of electromagnetic field. Moreover, the results obtained in the multipactor test and the results predicted with our simulations using MULTICOAX are in good agreement… CONTINUE READING