Multinational assessment of some operational costs of teletherapy.

  title={Multinational assessment of some operational costs of teletherapy.},
  author={Piet-Hein van der Giessen and Jos{\'e} Alert and Cholid Badri and Matija Bistrovi{\'c} and Deepak Deshpande and Dimitris Kardamakis and Debbie van der Merwe and Neiro W da Motta and Luis V Pinillos and Rena Sajjad and Ye Tian and Vic Levin},
  journal={Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology},
  volume={71 3},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Decisions in planning radiotherapy facilities in countries with limited financial resources require information on economic factors to make provision for sustainability. This study aims at acquiring data on some of these factors involved in delivery of teletherapy in 11 countries of different economic status. PATIENTS AND METHODS Representatives of three European, one African, three Latin American and four Asian countries, were identified from radiation oncology… CONTINUE READING