Multimode dynamics and emergence of a characteristic length scale in a one-dimensional quantum system.

  title={Multimode dynamics and emergence of a characteristic length scale in a one-dimensional quantum system.},
  author={Maximilian Kuhnert and Remi Geiger and Tim Langen and Michael P. Gring and Bernhard Rauer and Takuya Kitagawa and Eugene A. Demler and D Adu Smith and J{\"o}rg Schmiedmayer},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 9},
We study the nonequilibrium dynamics of a coherently split one-dimensional Bose gas by measuring the full probability distribution functions of matter-wave interference. Observing the system on different length scales allows us to probe the dynamics of excitations on different energy scales, revealing two distinct length-scale-dependent regimes of relaxation. We measure the crossover length scale separating these two regimes and identify it with the prethermalized phase-correlation length of… 

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