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Multimodal reference in dialogue : towards a balanced corpus

  title={Multimodal reference in dialogue : towards a balanced corpus},
  author={P. Piwek and Albert Gatt and I. V. D. Sluis and A. Bangerter},
Generation of Referring Expressions (GRE), e.g., Dale and Reiter (1995), is one of the core tasks of Natural Language Generation (NLG) systems. Usually it is formulated as an identification problem: given a domain representing entities and their properties, construct a referring expression for a target referent or set of target referents which singles it out from its distractors. Recently, researchers in this area have turned their attention to multimodal referring acts, in particular, the… Expand


Towards a Balanced Corpus of Multimodal Referring Expressions in Dialogue
This paper describes an experiment in which dialogues are elicited through an identification task to test a number of hypotheses regarding both the production and per- ception of multimodal referring expressions. Expand
Modality Choice for Generation of Referring Acts: Pointing versus Describing
The main aim of this paper is to challenge two commonly held assumptions regarding modality selection in the generation of referring acts: the assumption that non-verbal means of referring areExpand
Deictic object reference in task-oriented dialogue
This chapter takes steps to classify the role of pointing in deictic expressions and to model the focussed area of pointing gestures, the so-called pointing cone, which serves as a central concept in a formal account of multi-modal integration at the linguistic speech-gesture interface. Expand
Toward a mechanistic psychology of dialogue
A mechanistic account of dialogue, the interactive alignment account, is proposed and used to derive a number of predictions about basic language processes, and the need for a grammatical framework that is designed to deal with language in dialogue rather than monologue is considered. Expand
Computational Interpretations of the Gricean Maxims in the Generation of Referring Expressions
A recommended algorithm is described, along with a specification of the resources a host system must provide in order to make use of the algorithm, and an implementation used in the natural language generation component of the IDAS system. Expand
The Hcrc Map Task Corpus
A corpus of unscripted, task-oriented dialogues which has been designed, digitally recorded, and transcribed to support the study of spontaneous speech on many levels is described. Expand
Proceedings of LONDIAL 2008: the 12th workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, King's College and Queen Mary
  • Proceedings of LONDIAL 2008: the 12th workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, King's College and Queen Mary
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Generating multimodal referring expressions
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Generating multimodal referring expressions
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