Multimodal modeling of neural network activity: computing LFP, ECoG, EEG and MEG signals with LFPy2.0

  title={Multimodal modeling of neural network activity: computing LFP, ECoG, EEG and MEG signals with LFPy2.0},
  author={Espen Hagen and Solveig N{\ae}ss and Torbj{\o}rn V. Ness and Gaute T. Einevoll},
Recordings of extracellular electrical, and later also magnetic, brain signals have been the dominant technique for measuring brain activity for decades. The interpretation of such signals is however nontrivial, as the measured signals result from both local and distant neuronal activity. In volume-conductor theory the extracellular potentials can be calculated from a distance-weighted sum of contributions from transmembrane currents of neurons. Given the same transmembrane currents, the… Expand
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