Multimodal imaging of hallucinogens 25C- and 25I-NBOMe on blotter papers.

  title={Multimodal imaging of hallucinogens 25C- and 25I-NBOMe on blotter papers.},
  author={Elias L{\"u}tzen and Michael Holtkamp and Imke Stamme and Robin Schmid and Michael Sperling and Michael P{\"u}tz and Uwe Karst},
  journal={Drug testing and analysis},
Due to much lower production costs but similar effects as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), phenethylamine derivatives are sold as a cheaper replacement or deceptively as LSD itself. These potent hallucinogenic substances can lead to severe intoxication, thus a more profound understanding of their use is required. This includes the elucidation of the manufacturing processes for the commonly used blotter papers and the assessment of the risk of overdosing because of a heterogeneous distribution… 
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