Multimodal discourses across the curriculum

  title={Multimodal discourses across the curriculum},
  author={Carey Jewitt},

Visual and non-literal representations as academic literacy modalities

  • D. Scholtz
  • Education
    Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
  • 2019
Abstract The normative understanding of academic literacy relates mainly to textual reading and writing. While texts might well be dominant, other literacies such as numeracy and visual literacy are

Engaging Multiliteracies Learning

This study follows teacher candidates through their first year of teaching, tracking their understandings and implementations of multiliteracies pedagogy. The purpose of the study is to ask whether

Multimodal Literacy Learning Opportunities in One Grade Six Classroom: Possibilities and Constraints


Book Review: Multimodal Literacies Across Digital Learning Contexts

Multimodality in translation: a look into EFL and JSL classrooms

Abstract There has been an increased interest in multimodality in the field of both language pedagogy and translation studies. To our knowledge, however, only a few empirical studies have

A Metalanguage for Learning: Rebalancing the Cognitive with the Socio-Material

Technology has enabled new ways of meaning-making in the digital age, incidentally bringing with it inequities in education as a result of the differing access, resources, and experiences of

A platform for developing student competence: a look at the online Korean classroom

  • V. Lee
  • Education
    Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov Series IV Philology Cultural Studies
  • 2021
This paper looks at the online undergraduate classroom in a South Korean context. Due to the prolonged COVID 19 pandemic, educational institutions around the world have adapted to online learning for

Télécollaboration et formation de formateurs en langues au tutorat en ligne – Un état de l'art

Dans notre article, nous nous proposons de realiser un etat de l'art des publications de ces cinq dernieres annees (2015-2019) sur l'intersection entre la telecollaboration et la formation de

Developing Literacy and the Arts in Schools

The teaching of the arts and literacy in schools is often at odds with one another. The desire for schools to improve results on high-stakes testing can lead to a narrow view of literacy rather than



Multimodality: A Social Semiotic Approach to Contemporary Communication

1. Multimodality: A New Approach to Questions of Meaning 2. Signs 3. Modes and Materiality 4. Texts and Messages 5. Media, Messages, Texts 6. Design and Production 7. Doing Multimodal Analysis 8.

The language of displayed art

Part 1 Perceptions: semiotics at work a semiotics of sculpture a semiotics of architecture semiotics across the arts. Part 2 Conceptions: why semiotics? modes of comparison the social semiotic and

Multimodal Discourse Analysis: Systemic Functional Perspectives

Introduction Section 1 - Three Dimensional Material Objects in Space 1. Opera Ludentes: The Sydney Opera House at Work and Play - Michael O'Toole. 2. Making History in From Colony to Nation: A

Multimodal Discourse: The Modes and Media of Contemporary Communication

Multimodal Discourse outlines a new theory of communication for the age of interactive media. Gunther Kress and Theo Van Leeuwen provide students with a wide-ranging analysis of the various

Digital Childhood and Youth: New texts, new literacies

This journal has long engaged with the cultural politics of education, interrogating the intersections between cultural forms and movements and the hegemonic frameworks and institutions of education.

Construction of Identity in Michael Jackson's Jam

This paper presents a partial account of a systemic - functional semiotics of action and applies it to an analysis of a Michael Jackson video clip, Jam . Two action patterns are identified in Jam :

Becoming Biliterate: Young Children Learning Different Writing Systems

This book will help early years educators to understand how children learn, in parallel, to write in more than one language. Case studies of six-year-olds growing up bilingual reveal the processes

Using video to investigate preschool classroom interaction: education research assumptions and methodological practices

This article reports on the use of video to collect dynamic visual data in education research and proposes that using visual technologies to collect data can give new insights into classroom