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Multimodal Deceptive Functions

  title={Multimodal Deceptive Functions},
  author={K. Deb and J. Horn and D. Goldberg},
  journal={Complex Syst.},
  • K. Deb, J. Horn, D. Goldberg
  • Published 1993
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Complex Syst.
  • This pap er presents a static analysis of deception in multimodal funct ions. Deception in a bipolar function of unitation (a function with two global optima and a number of decepti ve attractors) is defined, and a set of suffic ient conditions relat ing function values is obtained. A bipolar decept ive function is also constructed from low-order Walsh coeffic ients. Multimodal functions of bounded deception are formed by concatenat ing several bipolar decept ive functions. These functions… CONTINUE READING
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