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Multimodal Biometric System in Secure e-Transaction in Smart Phone

  title={Multimodal Biometric System in Secure e-Transaction in Smart Phone},
  author={A.Muthu Kumar and Kailash C. Patidar},
-Now a day, e-commerce sites are very popular. Online shopping using wap enabled mobile phone has widely come into use. Debit and credit cards are used for secure etransaction. As the technology developed thief are also very smart, they stolen our detail from wap and use it. we present a model that can be used for secure transaction during using smart phone and give the features of smart phone where we do the save transaction. In this paper we present a multi biometric model (used face, voice… 



Biometric Security for Cell Phones

Studies have shown that even though most of the cell phone users are aware of the PIN security feature more than 50% of them are not using it either because of the lack of confidence in it orBecause of the inconvenience.

Voice Biometric Authentication for Enhancing Internet Service Security

By implementing the proposed architecture of an Internet application deploying voice biometric authentication, Internet applications are provided by a higher degree of certainty regarding the identity of a customer, and prevented from fraudulent transactions.

Authentication gets personal with biometrics

The state-of-the-art of several popular biometric modalities and technologies are outlined and specific applications where biometric recognition may be beneficially incorporated and integration strategies of biometric authentication technologies into DRM systems that satisfy the needs and requirements of consumers, content providers, and payment brokers are discussed.

Biometrics on mobile phone

As biometrics aims to recognize a person using unique features of human physiological or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprints, voice, face, iris, gait and signature, this authentication method naturally provides a very high level of security.

A Survey of Unimodal Biometric Methods

The paper presents a survey of the unimodal biometric methods that are currently available, and other hybrid forms of biometrics that can be used for security purposes.

A New Mixed-Mode Biometrics Information Fusion Based-on Fingerprint, Hand-geometry and Palm-print

  • Fan YangBaofeng Ma
  • Computer Science
    Fourth International Conference on Image and Graphics (ICIG 2007)
  • 2007
Fingerprint, palm-print and hand-geometry are combined for person identity verification to establish identity and test performance results indicate the possibility of the combination.

An introduction to biometric recognition

A brief overview of the field of biometrics is given and some of its advantages, disadvantages, strengths, limitations, and related privacy concerns are summarized.

Multimodal Biometric system Fusion Using Fingerprint and Iris with Fuzzy Logic

In this paper, two uni-modal biometrics, iris and fingerprint are used as multi-biometrics and it is shown using this biometric has good result with high accuracy.

More than a "pretty face".

As a brand, Dermalogica immediately upset the prevailing paradigm of beauty and glamour by classifying skin care as a health issue as opposed to a cosmetic concern. Dermalogica also introduced a

Multimodal Biometrics