Multimethod assessment of depression in sexually abused girls.

  title={Multimethod assessment of depression in sexually abused girls.},
  author={Joseph P Shapiro and Myra Leifer and Massimiliano Martone and L M Kassem},
  journal={Journal of personality assessment},
  volume={55 1-2},
This study measured depression in sexually abused Black girls using the Children's Depression Inventory (Kovacs & A. T. Beck, 1977), the Internalization scale of the Child Behavior Checklist (Achenbach & Edelbrock, 1983), and the Rorschach Depression Index (Exner, 1986). There were no significant correlations between these self-report, behavior observation (by parental report), and projective measures. The abused subjects had high scores on the behavior observation and Rorschach scales… CONTINUE READING