Multimedia Content Coding and Analysis: Unraveling the Content of Jihadi Extremist Groups' Videos

  title={Multimedia Content Coding and Analysis: Unraveling the Content of Jihadi Extremist Groups' Videos},
  author={Arab Salem and E. Reid and Hsinchun Chen},
  journal={Studies in Conflict \& Terrorism},
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This article presents an exploratory study of jihadi extremist groups’ videos using content analysis and a multimedia coding tool to explore the types of video, groups’ modus operandi, and production features that lend support to extremist groups. The videos convey messages powerful enough to mobilize members, sympathizers, and even new recruits to launch attacks that are captured (on video) and disseminated globally through the Internet. They communicate the effectiveness of the campaigns and… Expand
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Identification of Influential Visual Markers in Extremist YouTube Videos from the Viewpoint of Younger Viewers through Partial Least Square (PLS) Analysis
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Identification of extremist videos in online video sharing sites
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Content Analysis of Jihadi Extremist Groups' Videos
An exploratory study of jihadi extremist groups' videos using content analysis and a multimedia coding tool to explore the types of videos, groups’ modus operandi, and production features. Expand
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The Dark Web Portal Project: Collecting and Analyzing the Presence of Terrorist Groups on the Web
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Communication and Media Strategy in the Islamist War of Ideas
The Consortium for Strategic Communication is a strategic initiative of the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. It promotes advanced research, teaching, and publicExpand
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