Multilocus phylogeny reveals unexpected diversi fi cation patterns in Asian wolf snakes ( genus Lycodon )

  title={Multilocus phylogeny reveals unexpected diversi fi cation patterns in Asian wolf snakes ( genus Lycodon )},
  author={Cameron D Siler and Carl H Oliveros and Mary Brown},
Submitted: 6 September 2012 Accepted: 8 December 2012 doi:10.1111/zsc.12007 Siler, C. D., Oliveros, C. H., Santanen, A., Brown, R. M. (2013). Multilocus phylogeny reveals unexpected diversification patterns in Asian wolf snakes (genus Lycodon). —Zoologica Scripta, 42, 262–277. The diverse group of Asian wolf snakes of the genus Lycodon represents one of many poorly understood radiations of advanced snakes in the superfamily Colubroidea. Outside of three species having previously been… CONTINUE READING


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