Multilocus analysis of hypertension: a hierarchical approach.

  title={Multilocus analysis of hypertension: a hierarchical approach.},
  author={Scott M. Williams and Marylyn DeRiggi Ritchie and John A. Phillips and Elliot Dawson and Melissa Prince and Elvira V Dzhura and Alecia Willis and Amma A Semenya and Marshall Summar and Bill C. White and Jonathan H Addy and John Kpodonu and L. J. C. Wong and Robin A. Felder and Pedro A. Jos{\'e} and Jason H. Moore},
  journal={Human heredity},
  volume={57 1},
While hypertension is a complex disease with a well-documented genetic component, genetic studies often fail to replicate findings. One possibility for such inconsistency is that the underlying genetics of hypertension is not based on single genes of major effect, but on interactions among genes. To test this hypothesis, we studied both single locus and… CONTINUE READING