Multilocal Fermionization

  title={Multilocal Fermionization},
  author={Karl-Henning Rehren and Gennaro Tedesco},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
We present a simple isomorphism between the algebra of one real chiral Fermi field and the algebra of n real chiral Fermi fields. The isomorphism preserves the vacuum state. This is possible by a “change of localization”, and gives rise to new multilocal symmetries generated by the corresponding multilocal current and stress–energy tensor. The result gives a common underlying explanation of several remarkable recent results on the representation of the free Bose field in terms of free Fermi… 
Multilocal bosonization
We present a bilocal isomorphism between the algebra generated by a single real twisted boson field and the algebra of the boson βγ ghost system. As a consequence of this twisted vertex algebra
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Gluing together modular flows with free fermions
  • Gabriel Wong
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2019
A bstractWe revisit the calculation of multi-interval modular Hamiltonians for free fermions using a Euclidean path integral approach. We show how the multi-interval modular flow is obtained by
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We revisit the calculation of multi-interval modular Hamiltonians for free fermions using a Euclidean path integral approach. We show how the multi-interval modular flow is obtained by gluing
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