Multilingual Projection for Parsing Truly Low-Resource Languages

  title={Multilingual Projection for Parsing Truly Low-Resource Languages},
  author={Zeljko Agic and Anders Johannsen and Barbara Plank and H{\'e}ctor Mart{\'i}nez Alonso and Natalie Schluter and Anders S{\o}gaard},
  journal={Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics},
We propose a novel approach to cross-lingual part-of-speech tagging and dependency parsing for truly low-resource languages. Our annotation projection-based approach yields tagging and parsing models for over 100 languages. All that is needed are freely available parallel texts, and taggers and parsers for resource-rich languages. The empirical evaluation across 30 test languages shows that our method consistently provides top-level accuracies, close to established upper bounds, and outperforms… CONTINUE READING

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