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Multilinear Duality and Factorisation for Brascamp--Lieb-type Inequalities with applications

  title={Multilinear Duality and Factorisation for Brascamp--Lieb-type Inequalities with applications},
  author={Anthony Carbery and Timo S. Hanninen and Stef{\'a}n Ingi Valdimarsson},
  journal={arXiv: Functional Analysis},
We initiate the study of a duality theory which applies to norm inequalities for pointwise weighted geometric means of positive operators. The theory finds its expression in terms of certain pointwise factorisation properties of function spaces which are naturally associated to the norm inequality under consideration. We relate our theory to the Maurey--Nikisin--Stein theory of factorisation of operators, and present a fully multilinear version of Maurey's fundamental theorem on factorisation… Expand
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