Multilayer Tubular Conductor for High <italic>Q</italic>-Factor Wireless Power Transfer System Resonators


In this paper, we investigate multilayer tubular conductor for multi-MHz Wireless Power Transfer systems high-Q (quality factor) resonators. The conductor layers' thicknesses and current sharing between them are optimized at 13.56 MHz, showing significant reduction in conductor ac resistance RAC. Capacitive ballast is used as a practical method for current… (More)


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@article{Etemadrezaei2016MultilayerTC, title={Multilayer Tubular Conductor for High Q-Factor Wireless Power Transfer System Resonators}, author={Mohammad Etemadrezaei and Srdjan M. Lukic}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications}, year={2016}, volume={52}, pages={4170-4178} }