Multijunction organic photovoltaics with a broad spectral response.

  title={Multijunction organic photovoltaics with a broad spectral response.},
  author={Jill A Macko and Richard R Lunt and Timothy P. Osedach and Patrick R. Brown and Miles Barr and Karen K Gleason and Vladimir Bulovic},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={14 42},
We demonstrate series-integrated multijunction organic photovoltaics fabricated monolithically by vapor-deposition in a transposed subcell order with the near-infrared-absorbing subcell in front of the green-absorbing subcell. This transposed subcell order is enabled by the highly complementary absorption spectra of a near-infrared-absorbing visibly-transparent subcell and a visible-absorbing subcell and motivated by the non-spatially-uniform optical intensity in nanoscale photovoltaics. The… CONTINUE READING