Multifunctional pDNA-Conjugated Polycationic Au Nanorod-Coated Fe3 O4 Hierarchical Nanocomposites for Trimodal Imaging and Combined Photothermal/Gene Therapy.


It is very desirable to design multifunctional nanocomposites for theranostic applications via flexible strategies. The synthesis of one new multifunctional polycationic Au nanorod (NR)-coated Fe3 O4 nanosphere (NS) hierarchical nanocomposite (Au@pDM/Fe3 O4 ) based on the ternary assemblies of negatively charged Fe3 O4 cores (Fe3 O4 -PDA), polycation… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/smll.201600271

5 Figures and Tables


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