Multifunctional applications of natural polysaccharide starch and cellulose: An update on recent advances.

  title={Multifunctional applications of natural polysaccharide starch and cellulose: An update on recent advances.},
  author={V. Gopinath and Sethukumar M Kamath and S Priyadarshini and Zamri Bin Chik and Abdullah A. Alarfaj and Abdurahman Hajinur Hirad},
  journal={Biomedicine \& pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine \& pharmacotherapie},
  • V. GopinathS. M. Kamath A. Hirad
  • Published 11 December 2021
  • Biology, Materials Science
  • Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie

Recent Reports on Polysaccharide-Based Materials for Drug Delivery

The present review focuses on case studies from the last few years authored or co-authored by research centers in Poland on natural polysaccharide-based drug delivery systems, with particular emphasis on the diversity of the formulations.

Application of Nano-Inspired Scaffolds-Based Biopolymer Hydrogel for Bone and Periodontal Tissue Regeneration

In this review, the research study of polysaccharide hydrogel as a scaffold will be critical in creating valuable materials for effective bone tissue regeneration, with a future impact predicted in repairing bone defects.

Polymeric biomaterials in the treatment of posterior segment diseases

The role of polymeric biomaterials in the treatment of retinal conditions is explained by highlighting recent advances being translated to clinical practice and identifying potential hurdles to clinical translation as future research directions in the field.

Current Applications and Challenges of Induced Electric Fields for the Treatment of Foods

As consumers increasingly prefer “all-natural” and healthy foods, there has been increasing demand for non-toxic, residual-free, and environmentally friendly food processing techniques. Researchers

Surface modification of cellulose via photo-induced click reaction.



Multifunctional cellulose-based hydrogels for biomedical applications.

This review focuses on state-of-the-art progress in cellulose-based hydrogels, which covers from their preparation methods and physicochemical properties to their biomedical applications, including drug delivery, tissue engineering, wound dressing, bioimaging, wearable sensors and so on.

Non‐conventional starch nanoparticles for drug delivery applications

The processing routes used for the preparation of both starch and starch nanoparticles are reviewed together with the most recent applications including oral, parental and transdermal delivery for cancer, diabetes, hyperuricemia and hypertension treatments, among others.

Potential applications of bacterial cellulose and its composites for cancer treatment.

Recent Progress on Cellulose‐Based Ionic Compounds for Biomaterials

Both polymeric cellulose derivatives and nanocellulose‐based compounds synthesized as versatile biomaterials for a large variety of biomedical applications, such as for wound dressings, controlled release, encapsulation of cells and enzymes, and tissue engineering, are separately described, regarding the diverse routes of synthesis and the established and suggested applications for these highly interesting materials.