Multifunctional Biocompatible Fluorescent Carboxymethyl cellulose Nanoparticles

  title={Multifunctional Biocompatible Fluorescent Carboxymethyl cellulose Nanoparticles},
  author={Ravindran Girija Aswathy and Balasubramanian Sivakumar and Dhandayudhapani Brahatheeswaran and Sreejith Raveendran and Tomofumi Ukai and Takahiro Fukuda and Yasuhiko Yoshida and Toru Maekawa and Dasappan Nair Sakthikumar},
A multifunctional nanoparticle based on Carboxymethyl cellulose was developed. Folate group was attached to nanoparticle for specific recognition of cancerous cells and 5FU was encapsulated for delivering cytotoxicity. The whole system was able to track by the semiconductor quantum dots that were attached to the nanoparticle. The multifunctional nanoparticle was characterized by UV-VIS spectra, PL spectra, FTIR, TEM, SEM etc and was targeted to human breast cancer cell, MCF7. The… CONTINUE READING