Multifrequency observations of KAZ 102 during the ROSAT all-sky survey

  title={Multifrequency observations of KAZ 102 during the ROSAT all-sky survey},
  author={Adrian Treves and H. H. Fink and M. Malkan and S Wagner and B. Wilkes and F. Baganoff and Jochen Heidt and Elena Pian and A. Sadun and S. Schaeidt and J. T. Bonnell and W. Brinkmann and D. de Martino and Laura Maraschi and E. G. Tanzi and M. H. Ulrich and W. Wamsteker},
The bright quasar Kaz 102, which lies in the vicinity of the North Ecliptic Pole, was monitored during the ROSAT All Sky Survey for 121.5 days from 1990 July 30 to 1991 January 25. In the course of the survey, optical photometry with various filters was peformed at several epochs, together with UV (IUE) and optical spectrophotometry. The spectral energy distribution in the 3 x 10(exp 14) -3 x 10(exp 17) Hz range is obtained simultaneously among the various frequencies to less than or = 1 day… CONTINUE READING


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