Multifrequency EPR spectra of molecular oxygen in solid Air

  title={Multifrequency EPR spectra of molecular oxygen in solid Air},
  author={Pardi and Krzystek and Telser and Brunel},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={146 2},
Multifrequency EPR spectra in the 94 to 550 GHz range were performed on solid air samples condensed at 5 K in the waveguide of a single pass probe. The spectra of molecular oxygen were observed and interpreted in the frame of the spin Hamiltonian model as axial S = 1 spectra with a zero field splitting parameter D = 3.572(3) cm(-1). The result of this study is relevant in the field of high field-high frequency EPR application in which solid air O(2) is a common paramagnetic impurity. Copyright… CONTINUE READING