Multiframe Visual-Inertial Blur Estimation and Removal for Unmodified Smartphones

  title={Multiframe Visual-Inertial Blur Estimation and Removal for Unmodified Smartphones},
  author={G{\'a}bor S{\"o}r{\"o}s and Severin M{\"u}nger and Carlo Beltrame and Luc Humair and Robert Fergus},
Pictures and videos taken with smartphone cameras often suffer from motion blur due to handshake during the exposure time. Recovering a sharp frame from a blurry one is an ill-posed problem but in smartphone applications additional cues can aid the solution. We propose a blur removal algorithm that exploits information from subsequent camera frames and the built-in inertial sensors of an unmodified smartphone. We extend the fast non-blind uniform blur removal algorithm of Krishnan and Fergus to… CONTINUE READING


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