Multifragmentation with GeV light-ion beams

  title={Multifragmentation with GeV light-ion beams},
  author={Kate Kwiatkowski and G.-C. Wang and Thomas Lefort and David S. Bracken and Earl Cornell and Eric Renshaw and E. Renshaw Foxford and David S. Ginger and Victor E. Viola and Neil R. Yoder and R. G. Korteling and Emmanuel Carmel Pollacco and R. JohnsonGlen and R. Legrain and Claude Volant and F. Gimeno-Nogues and Richard Laforest and Elizabeth Wyn Martin and Easwar Ramakrishnan and D. S. and Laura M. Rowland and A. Ruaaagma and Eileen Winchester and Sherry J. Yennello and William G. Lynch and Huang Xi and Herbert Breuer and Kevin Bruce Morley and S. Gushue and L. P. Remsberg and Ludwik Pieńkowski and J.. and Brzychczyk and A. S. Botvina and William Albert Friedman},
Multifragmentation with GeV Light-Ion Beams* K. Kwiatkowski, W.-c. Hsi, G. Wang, T. Lefort, D.S. Bracken, E. Cornell, E. Renshaw Foxford, D.S. Ginger,V.E. Viola and N.R. Yoder; ~ R.G. Korteling; b E.C. Pollacco, R. Legrain and C. Volant; c F. Gimeno-Nogues,R. Laforest, E. Martin, E. Ramakrishnan, D. Rowland, A. Ruaaagma, E. Winchester and S.J. Yennello; d W.G. Lynch, M.B. Tsang and H. Xi; e H. Breuer; f K.B. Morley; g S. Gushue and L.P. Remsberg; h L. Pienkowski; i J. Brzychczyk; i A. Botvina… CONTINUE READING

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