Multifractal surrogate-data generation algorithm that preserves pointwise Hölder regularity structure, with initial applications to turbulence.

  title={Multifractal surrogate-data generation algorithm that preserves pointwise H{\"o}lder regularity structure, with initial applications to turbulence.},
  author={Christopher James Keylock},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={95 3-1},
  • C. Keylock
  • Published 3 January 2017
  • Computer Science
  • Physical review. E
An algorithm is described that can generate random variants of a time series while preserving the probability distribution of original values and the pointwise Hölder regularity. Thus, it preserves the multifractal properties of the data. Our algorithm is similar in principle to well-known algorithms based on the preservation of the Fourier amplitude spectrum and original values of a time series. However, it is underpinned by a dual-tree complex wavelet transform rather than a Fourier transform… 
Evaluating Landscape Complexity and the Contribution of Non‐Locality to Geomorphometry
A long‐standing question in geomorphology concerns the extent that statistical models of terrain elevations have adequate characteristics with respect to the known scaling properties of landscapes.
Detecting dynamic spatial correlation patterns with generalized wavelet coherence and non-stationary surrogate data
This work presents a method that combines wavelet analysis and non-stationary surrogates to detect short-lived spatial coherent patterns from multivariate time-series, and shows that it can provide useful insights into the time-resolved structure of spatially extended systems.
Hypothesis Testing for Nonlinear Phenomena in the Geosciences Using Synthetic, Surrogate Data
  • C. Keylock
  • Environmental Science
    Earth and Space Science
  • 2018
The degree of nonlinearity in the spatial profiles of river curvature is shown to be affected by the occurrence of meander cutoff processes but in a more complex fashion than previously envisaged.
Hölder‐Conditioned Hypsometry: A Refinement to a Classical Approach for the Characterization of Topography
The effective characterization of topographic surfaces is a central tenet of geomorphology. Differences in land surface properties reveal variations in structural controls and the nature and efficacy
Nonlinear and Non-Stationary Detection for Measured Dynamic Signal from Bridge Structure Based on Adaptive Decomposition and Multiscale Recurrence Analysis
To test the nonlinearity and non-stationarity of measured dynamic signals from a bridge structure with high-level noise and dense modal characteristics, a method that combines the adaptive signal
Synthetic velocity gradient tensors and the identification of statistically significant aspects of the structure of turbulence
The method presented for deriving random velocity gradient tensors given a source tensor is applied to homogeneous, isotropic turbulence and is shown to be useful for a turbulence that is already understood well and should be of even greater utility for studying complex flows seen in industry and the environment.
Multifractal analysis of financial markets: a review.
The cumulating evidence for the presence of multifractality in financial time series in different markets and at different time periods is surveyed, and the sources ofMultifractality are discussed.
Chowdhuri, Subharthi; Iacobello, Giovanni; Banerjee, Tirtha Visibility network analysis of large-scale intermittency in convective surface layer turbu-
  • Physics, Environmental Science
  • 2021
Large-scale intermittency is a widely observed phenomenon in convective surface layer turbulence that induces non-Gaussian temperature statistics, while such a signature is not observed for velocity


Multifractional Brownian Motion : Definition and Preliminary Results
We generalize the definition of the fractional Brownian motion of exponent $H$ to the case where $H$ is no longer a constant, but a function of the time index of the process. This allows us to model
It is still unknown whether there are families of tight knots whose lengths grow faster than linearly with crossing numbers, but the largest power has been reduced to 3/z, and some other physical models of knots as flattened ropes or strips which exhibit similar length versus complexity power laws are surveyed.
A prototype probability package named APPL (A Probability Programming Language) is presented that can be used to manipulate random variables and examples illustrate its use.
In Palfreyman & Tapper (2014) ‘Reshaping the University: The Rise of the Regulated Market in Higher Education’ (Oxford University Press) we have tried to explain how English HE has reached the
Kazim Ali’s books include four volumes of poetry, The Far Mosque, The Fortieth Day, Bright Felon: Autobiography and Cities, and Sky Ward; three novels, Quinn’s Passage, The Disappearance of Seth, and
chüler/innen, Student/innen, Lehrer/innen und Professor/innen aus sieben EU-Ländern nehen an dem internationalen Schulentwicklungsprojekt mit dem Titel „In Europa Demokratie eben“ teil. Beteiligt
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