Multifractal point processes and the spatial distribution of wildfires in French Mediterranean regions

  title={Multifractal point processes and the spatial distribution of wildfires in French Mediterranean regions},
  author={Rachel Ba{\"i}le and Jean-François Muzy and Xavier Silvani},
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Structural Complexity and Informational Transfer in Spatial Log-Gaussian Cox Processes
The magnitude of the decrease in marginal entropy estimates between the intensity random fields and the corresponding point patterns quantitatively discriminates the global effect of the additional source of variability involved in the second phase of the double stochasticity.


Detecting and modeling multi-scale space-time structures: the case of wildfire occurrences
Wildfires due to natural origin or arson come along with important economic and ecological risks. Typically, the structure of relative risk of fire events is highly complex, shows strong variation
Spatio-temporal log-Gaussian Cox processes for modelling wildfire occurrence: the case of Catalonia, 1994–2008
Wildfires have become one of the principal environmental problems in the Mediterranean basin. While fire plays an important role in most terrestrial plant ecosystems, the potential hazard that it
Spatio-temporal modelling of wildfires in Catalonia, Spain, 1994-2008, through log gaussian cox processes
Forest fire management is not only an emergency task, the preventive task could be even more important, being better to avoid the risk of a forest fire ignition before it starts or minimize its
Modeling spatio-temporal wildfire ignition point patterns
We analyze and model the structure of spatio-temporal wildfire ignitions in the St. Johns River Water Management District in northeastern Florida. Previous studies, based on the K-function and an
Multifractal formalism for fractal signals: The structure-function approach versus the wavelet-transform modulus-maxima method.
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It is demonstrated that the method, based on the wavelet-transform modulus-maxima representation, works in most situations and is likely to be the ground of a unified multifractal description of self-affine distributions.
Scaling and correlations in the dynamics of forest-fire occurrence.
It is found that the scaling law arises as a consequence of the stationarity of fire sizes and the existence of a nontrivial "instantaneous" scaling law, sustained by the correlations of the process.
Quantification of annual wildfire risk; A spatio-temporal point process approach.
Policy responses for local and global firemanagement depend heavily on the proper understanding of the fire extent as well as its spatio-temporal variation across any given study area. Annual fire
Local fractality: The case of forest fires in Portugal