Multifocus with small size, uniform intensity, and nearly circular symmetry.


We investigate in detail the focusing properties of the composite vector beam (CVB) composed of two orthogonally linearly polarized beams with inhomogeneous polarization modulation. By optimizing the modulation factor, a multifocus with excellent quality is obtained, where the sizes of each focus are fairly smaller than that of the focusing spot of a radially polarized beam, the uniformity in the intensity of the focal spots is as high as 1, and the distributions of each focal spot have nearly circular symmetry. In order to decrease the power loss of the incident beam, the CVB formed by an annular beam is demonstrated as the substitute for the optimized CVB formed by a Gaussian beam. This work is important for high-resolution and high-speed imaging in biology and micro-nanofabrication.

DOI: 10.1364/OL.36.002200

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@article{Guo2011MultifocusWS, title={Multifocus with small size, uniform intensity, and nearly circular symmetry.}, author={Hanming Guo and Xiangmei Dong and Xiaoyu Weng and Guorong Sui and Ning Yang and Songlin Zhuang}, journal={Optics letters}, year={2011}, volume={36 12}, pages={2200-2} }