Multifocal multiphoton endoscope.

  title={Multifocal multiphoton endoscope.},
  author={David Rinc{\'o}n Rivera and Christopher Martin Brown and Dimitre G. Ouzounov and Watt W. Webb and Chris Xu},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={37 8},
We report a miniaturized resonant/non-resonant multi-fiber raster scanner that is paired with a gradient-index lens assembly to achieve a compact and flexible multifocal multiphoton endoscope capable of longitudinal parallel image acquisition. Multiphoton images are obtained simultaneously at three axial depths, separated by ≥4.8  μm, by incorporating three axially offset double clad optical fibers into the miniaturized scanner. The fabricated endoscope has an outer diameter of 3 mm, a rigid… CONTINUE READING