Multifocal metachronous giant cell tumor in a 15-year-old boy

  title={Multifocal metachronous giant cell tumor in a 15-year-old boy},
  author={Peter G. Stratil and Gregory Scott Stacy},
  journal={Pediatric Radiology},
We report a case of multifocal metachronous giant cell tumor (GCT) that involved the fibula, tibia, and sacrum of a 15-year-old boy. Multifocal GCT of bone presenting in children is an exceedingly rare phenomenon; however, there is evidence that multifocal GCT presents, on average, at a younger age than solitary GCT. Pediatric radiologists should be aware of this when encountering a single lesion with characteristic radiographic features of GCT and when encountering multiple lytic skeletal… CONTINUE READING

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