Multifactorial inheritance, rates of maturation and psychiatry’s taxonomic dilemma

  title={Multifactorial inheritance, rates of maturation and psychiatry’s taxonomic dilemma},
  author={Marten W. Devries},
  journal={European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience},
  • M. Devries
  • Published 31 May 2008
  • Psychology
  • European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience
This paper reviews aspects of Letten F. Saugstad’s Maturation Theory in relation to the Kraepelinian dichotomy and psychiatric classification. The maturation theory is based on existing neuroscience, cross-national and mental health case register data and offers an innovative alternative to current etiological formulations. The maturational theory holds (1) that manic depressive illness relates to early maturation and (2) the schizophrenic syndrome relates to late maturation. The foundation of… 


Kraepelin's dichotomy is true: contrasting brain dysfunction at the extremes of human growth and maturation. Excitability, the fundamental property of nervous tissue, is affected
  • L. Saugstad
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The world journal of biological psychiatry : the official journal of the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry
  • 2009
The distribution of Kraepelin's ubiquitous dichotomy varies with standard of living and pubertal age: when one rises, the other declines, and given the mood-stabilizing effect of anti-epileptics and omega-3, these will increasingly dominate psychiatric treatment.
Kraepelin revisited: a reassessment and statistical analysis of dementia praecox and manic-depressive insanity in 1908.
Kraepelin's DP and MDI were found to define homogeneous groups of disorders which could be clearly distinguished from one another and were suggested that DP was a narrower concept than schizophrenia today, while MDI was a composite group including both 'typical' manic-depressive illnesses and schizoaffective disorders.
[Dementia praecox or the group of schizophrenias].
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Psychiatry and mental health—the legacy of Ornulv Odergard
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The multifactorial theory of inheritance in predisposition to schizophrenia
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The multifactorial theory of inheritance in predisposition to schizophrenia. In: Kaplan AR (ed) Genetic factors in schizophrenia
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