Multidrug-resistant phenotype in retinoblastoma correlates with P-glycoprotein expression.

  title={Multidrug-resistant phenotype in retinoblastoma correlates with P-glycoprotein expression.},
  author={Helen Shuk-ying Chan and Paul Scott Thorner and George Haddad and Brenda L. Gallie},
  volume={98 9},
Chemotherapy plays an important role in therapy for patients with extraocular and metastatic retinoblastoma. The authors used chemotherapy for management of selected patients with uncontrolled intraocular tumors or tumors larger and more posteriorly located than those conventionally treated with local cryotherapy or photocoagulation. Rapid regrowth of some tumors after an initial excellent chemotherapy response led us to investigate the hypothesis that failure of treatment is caused by P… CONTINUE READING