Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of unresectable breast cancer

  title={Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of unresectable breast cancer},
  author={Zhen-zhou Shen and Ya-Wei Zhang and Tian-Xi Pan and Chuan-Jiang Xia},
  journal={World Journal of Surgery},
Between January 1960 and December 1990, 163 patients with locally advanced breast cancer (LABC) were treated by multidisciplinary treatment regimens. Forty-six cases received preoperative intraarterial perfusion of cytotoxic drugs. Fifty-four cases received preoperative systemic chemotherapy. Forty-one cases received preoperative radiotherapy, and twenty-two cases received both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Preoperative systemic chemotherapy gives the best results. Postoperative chemotherapy… CONTINUE READING