Multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer management in Kuwait, 1993-1998.

  title={Multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer management in Kuwait, 1993-1998.},
  author={Mohamed Motawy and Omar El Hattab and Salah Fayaz and Medhat Oteifa and Juzer Ali and Thomas B. George and Ibrahim Barghash and Sadeq Abuzallouf and Mohammed El Jarallah},
  journal={Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute},
  volume={16 2},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES In Kuwait, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. The present study reviews the clinical features, treatment methods and treatment results of breast cancer patients registered in the Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) and compares these features with those reported in other Arab countries, Europe and North America. MATERIAL AND METHODS The present study examines 823 patients with breast cancer who were registered in the KCCC from 1993 to 1998… CONTINUE READING